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Do you feel stagnant in your business, like you're running the engine at full speed... but never quite getting anywhere?

Do you feel like you've been losing opportunities... or don't even know where the opportunities are in the first place?

Do you feel like this is never going to change, and your business has peaked out?

If you feel like your big business goals are slipping further and further out of reach (or just need a boost to help you make it to the next plateau), then you desperately need the valuable secrets found inside SUMMIT IGNITE!
No Theory Here... You'll Discover Valuable ACTIONABLE Secrets From Each Of Our Hand-Selected Business Experts!
Every SUMMIT IGNITE speaker has "been there and done that." We've stripped away the theory you can get anywhere, and replaced it with the real secrets and strategies you need for success.  The success topics covered include:
  • Building up your audience
  • ​Increasing your traffic
  • ​Converting traffic into sales
  • ​Analyzing your competition
  • ​Building a strong team
and so much more.
SUMMIT IGNITE is designed so that each speaker is giving you a helping hand to move you up the mountain, step by step. And no dry boring talkathons or pitchfests here. Each session is entertaining and interesting, so you’ll actually retain your new knowledge and put it to work in your business ASAP. 
Here are the experts who will help you exceed your business goals, including your host, summit ignite creator andrew izumi:
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Mountain Floor - Establishing A Foundation
Andrew Izumi
Your 10,000 Foot View & How To Get The Very Best From SUMMIT IGNITE
A welcome from your host, and the best way to take massive action on everything you learn here.
Jonathan Sugai
Revolutionary Methods To Elevate Your Body And Mind As One
Your business only grows as far as your mindset lets it. Discover how to expand your own limitations and lay the groundwork for ultimate growth.
Joe Lawrence
Getting Business Loans To Grow
If you think you can't get a business loan or line of credit because you're small or new... you're wrong. Joe will show you how to get easily get business loans without hassles or risk.
Nick Van Driel 
Funnel Building 101
"Funnels" are the biggest buzzword today... But what does it even mean? You'll discover how even a simple sales funnel can revolutionize your business and explode your profits.
Pablo Gonzalez
Relationships And Networking
Business growth comes from creating win/win relationships. You'll discover surprising ways to connect with more people and improve your networking.
Base Camp - Growing Your Community
Zeky Ahmed 
Growing Your Organic Audience
Social media is the hottest audience builder... if you know how to use it. You'll discover how to use Facebook to grow your organic audience without paid ads or market exposure.
Nika Wolf
Influencer Marketing
Social media "influencers" are hot for gaining instant trust and responce from your market. You'll discover how to choose the influencer that's both CORRECT and BEST for your brand.
Greg Jeffries 
SEO, The Largest Search Platform
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can seem like total voodoo. You'll discover the secret ways you can get your business ranked on Google for what your buyers are REALLY searching for.
Seth Greene
Podcasting, The New & Trending Platform
We all want our market to listen to us. Podcasting gives you the ability to be in your customer’s ear as a “trusted adviser” 24/7. Here's how...
Mark Stern
Mastering Virtual Events
Virtual events can build you into a recognized authority in your field. Learn how to easily create your own virtual events, just like this one, and elevate your presence online.
Mid Mountain - Delivering Value
Peter Hewlett 
The Art Of Conversion
You build your traffic and get them to your sales pages... but they don't convert. Discover the actions you need to take to quickly optimize your sales process... and double your profits.
Ryan McKenzie
Selling By Subscription
Recurring subscriptions mean money is coming in month after month. Discover how to keep customers subscribed and happy, and get paid every month instead of just once!
Scott Cowley
Making Sales In Your Niche
Discover how to dive deeply into your niche's buyer base, specifically targeting for growth, and leveraging experience from one customer to the next.
Kevin Steven
Unique Selling Strategies
You can explode your business simply by getting out of your comfort zone. You'll discover how to make a huge impact in your profit and growth by building relationships.
Summit - Growth And Automation
Kim Dang 
VAs & Outsourcing Without Risk
Handing off work to outsourced staff is a business essential... that can be a massive headache. Here, you'll discover secret methods for hiring VAs without risking tons of cash, personal information, or intellectual property.
Nathan Hirsch
Hire Like A Pro
The Gig Economy has created amazing flexibility opportunities for you. Here's how to build your business faster by always working with the top 1% of freelancers.
Mads Singers
Successful Team Management
You've built the team, now you need to manage it effectively. Discover how to bring out the best in each team member by using successful communication.
Tim Dodd
Layering Your Habits
Building multiple businesses requires a toolkit of strong habits. Discover how to automate your successful habits, so you can start one successful business after another.
Carlos Gonzalez 
Automating Your Operations
Anytime you can automate something in your business, it's like having a free employee. This case study will open your eyes to what's possible for increasing your own productivity.
Here's Just A Bit Of What You'll Discover In Summit Ignite:
Expert: Jonathan Sugai "The Mind Body Factor"
  • (6:24) The most important factor you must pay attention to in order to stay on track for success...
  • ​(30:31) The #1 mindset mistake most entrepreneurs make in how they view their business...
  • ​(46:33) The 3 things you must avoid if you want any chance of being a successful entrepreneur...
Expert: Joe Lawrence "Getting Business Loans To Grow"
  • (1:03) How every entrepreneur can get a $100k business credit without walking into a bank...
  • ​(15:03) The secret to getting business credit from a bank without even making a profit yet...
  • ​(31:58) How you can obtain major business credit even if your personal credit is bad...
Expert: Nick Van Driel "Funnel Building From A Beta User"
  • (5:09) The rarely used funnel that gives you leverage against your competition while building leads...
  • ​(9:01) Follow an actual case study of this special secret funnel type...
  • ​(16:25) How to provide the most value for your customer, while getting the most purchases from them...
Expert: Pablo Gonzalez "Relationships And Networking"
  • (9:50) What most modern entrepreneurs are missing, preventing them from 10X'ing their business...
  • ​(13:39) How to leverage the intrinsic value that every member of your community has...
  • ​(27:52) The single biggest secret for building relationships -- get this wrong and you'll be alone...
Expert: Zeky Ahmed "Growing Your Organic Audience"
  • (11:37) What you can do if you have no product or service to sell...
  • ​(12:32) The best way to reach your audience WITHOUT paying for ads...
  • ​(47:07) How to turn your organic audience into raving fans who will share you with their friends...
Expert: Nika Wolf "Influencer Marketing"
  • (1:43) The quickest way to find social media influencers who will promote your offer to their followers...
  • ​(7:29) This group of influencers is the hardest to work with, avoid wasting time (it's not who you think)...
  • ​(20:53) The most important thing to have down on paper before you make a deal with an influencer...
Expert: Greg Jeffries "SEO: The Largest Search Platform"
  • (7:07) These are the best -- and sometimes the easest -- keywords to rank for...
  • ​(17:22) Discover the most important factors for applying SEO to blog posts for strong rankings...
  • ​(20:10) The four factors that help ensure your video content shows up in your target market's searches...
Expert: Seth Greene "Podcasting: The New And Trending Platform"
  • (7:57) How podcasting can put you in your audience's ear, talking to them, making them WANT to buy...
  • ​(12:39) Don't know who to interview? Use this case study for three of the smartest choices...
  • ​(18:17) How you can avoid the 3 time-wasting pitfalls that most podcasters fall into...
Expert: Mark Stern "Effective Virtual Events"
  • (5:30) How to use a virtual event to build your expert status and even create a sellable product...
  • ​(8:17) The four crucial factors you must consider for virtual event success...
  • ​(30:50) The secret to sourcing speakers and high ticket offers for your virtual event...
Expert: Peter Hewlett "The Art Of Conversion"
  • (4:13) The first thing you must always change when trying to improve conversions (hint: it's NOT copy!)...
  • ​(11:22) How to convert buyers into raving fans that will be your brand's "evangelists"...
  • ​(25:25) The crucial "vision shift" that can turn your sales funnels into cash pumping powerhouses...
Expert: Ryan McKenzie "Subscription Product Selling"
  • (4:48) Discover the two most important questions to answer which can determine success or failure...
  • ​(16:28) The surprising new social media source for driving traffic to your subscription offer...
  • ​(22:22) Discover how a "leaky bath tub" is a crucial concept for subscription product sellers...
Expert: Scott Cowley "Selling Into Your Niche"
  • (5:08) Every customer knows what they need. Discover the magic question that REALLY makes the sale...
  • ​(16:53) Change your focus from quantity of leads to THIS and you'll make more sales...
  • ​(53:18) If nothing else works... how to sell even if you're AFRAID of selling...
Expert: Kevin Steven "Unique Sales Strategies"
  • (12:43) The #1 skill to build in order to get your target customers to buy from you...
  • ​(31:15) Here's the RIGHT way to react to the word "no" without turning off buyers or losing sales...
  • ​(43:38) Discover how to elevate yourself over your competition, without outright downtalking them...
Expert: Kim Dang "VA's And Outsourcing"
  • (2:26) Use these important tools (many free) to automate your business before you outsource...
  • ​(14:04) The smart way to find virtual assistants who will not disappear or provide poor support...
  • ​(23:41) Ignore this massive outsourcing tip and you'll be stuck with VA's who will provide poor work...
Expert: Nathan Hirsch "Expert Advice When Hiring"
  • (4:19) The two ways to run your business: the way you're doing it now, and the SMART way...
  • ​(11:46) Discover the new economic shift that's put you in the driver's seat for sourcing employees...
  • ​(15:31) How to avoid the six deadly hiring mistakes that cause businesses to suffer and fail...
Expert: Mads Singers "Successfully Managing Your Team"
  • (4:54) How to (and why you MUST) delegate even those tasks you think nobody but YOU could do...
  • ​(8:28) How to look inside people's heads to understand their personality, strengths, and weaknesses...
  • ​(31:58) The three important management practices you MUST follow in order to succeed...
Expert: Tim Dodd "Layering Businesses And Habits"
  • (5:04) The Stepping Stone principle for growing a business into an empire...
  • ​(13:35) Why focusing on content can mean the slow withering death of your business...
  • ​(32:21) Discover how "layering habits" can rebuild you into an efficient, disciplined empire builder...
Expert: Carlos Gonzalez "Automating Your Operations"
  • (9:06) The three types of automation, their strengths and weaknesses, and which one YOU should use...
  • ​(18:48) The 10 point sequence designed to pull huge repeat sales from your existing customers...
  • ​(28:57) Discover three sneaky automation techniques you can use to effortlessly grow your business...
...And that's just the start! The Summit Ignite interviews are jam packed with important secrets, tips, and techniques that will put your business into overdrive mode!
5 Reasons Why You Just Can't Miss
SUMMIT IGNITE has been created for entrepreneurs who want to grow and scale their business. You'll discover how to step back and see what's happening in your business, as well as the vision to see which steps to take to move forward in your growth journey.

Here are some of the benefits of registering:
#1 - You'll have 18 experts in their field sharing their secrets with you
You’ll get cutting edge expertise DIRECT from 18 entrepreneurs who've fought in the trenches and won their own successes. They've gathered to boost you with their best secrets, strategies, and tactics... So you can reach the mountaintop like they did, without the time-consuming and expensive struggle through the mud and rocks.
#2 - You'll discover how to develop an optimal business growth strategy
It's very rare that business owners are able to step back, look at a full picture of their business, put a growth plan of action together, fix the leaks, and get things moving. That's exactly what you will get from SUMMIT IGNITE.
#3 - Actionable content, without the overload
When you attend an event, you usually experience info-overload, followed by fatigue-prompted info-loss. You got all excited by the bonanza of knowledge you've gained... but then you forgot most of it before you could put it into action. That’s not the case with SUMMIT IGNITE. Our experts' knowledge is immediately actionable, so it doesn't stagnate and fade away.
#4 - You'll hack your own brain and fix your mindset
Successful entrepreneurs agree: Mindset is the key to success. Every aspect of your business is only as successful as your mindset. To get true success, you need to get your mind right. And every single one of our speakers can help you do that, each in their own special area.
#5 - You can watch in the order of your choice on your own schedule
As a busy entrepreneur, it's difficult to carve out the time to attend a multi-day conference. That's totally fine, we understand! Every single piece of content is available to you for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can view the speaker of your choice whenever it's convenient for you, even at 3am in your pajamas!
Here’s The Bottom Line:
If you’re looking for expert guidance to get on the path of constant growth and take your business to the next level (and beyond), you NEED to get SUMMIT IGNITE.

After all, if you act quickly, there’s ZERO cost… and you’ll be discovering cutting edge secrets, strategies, and tactics on just about every aspect of business.

From optimizing your pages for better conversions... to automating your tasks so you can enjoy more free time... to hiring amazing outsourcers for pennies on the dollar, so your work is done for you at the lowest rate...

Just those three things alone will have a huge positive impact on your business. And that's just scratching the surface.
Meet Your Host - Andrew Izumi
Hello, my name is Andrew Izumi. I am an action taker, independent thinker, and a leader in businesses processes. My personal area of expertise is helping business owners optimize their internal process and communication to achieve extreme revenue goals without the need of over-hiring. There is a unique process to each business, and locating that perfect balance is what I do.

I have been a leading sales and business manager for over a decade, with certifications like “Leading at Emerson,” a Fortune 500 company. Some of my satisfied clients include Miller Coors, Disney Animations, Universal Studios, MGM Grand, and many more. My clients always achieve a positive ROI [Return On Investment], as high as multiple $100,000’s of dollars per year with only a single process change. This means entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking to make a big change in the world (my favorite kind of client) are able to do so bigger, better, and faster than before.

Bottom line: Seeing my clients succeed beyond their original goals is the driving force behind my service. It's my goal for you with SUMMIT IGNITE.

Outside of work, I enjoy the outdoor hobbies: fishing, rock climbing, and (of course) skiing! See you on the inside, I'm looking forward to building a great long-term relationship with you!
Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed.
Grab your SUMMIT IGNITE access today with full confidence that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

If you are not fully satisfied that SUMMIT IGNITE contains valuable information that can and will help you grow and scale your business, just send an email to my support address (shown at the bottom of every page inside) within 30 days from your purchase. I will be happy to refund your money.

How's that for simple?
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Even better, we've made sure that the secrets and strategies shared by our experts are immediately actionable, so they'll stick with you and actually HELP your business.

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